Best Practices for Operating Your Business During the Pandemic

Figuring out how to safely operate your business during the novel coronavirus pandemic is a critical thinking problem unlike any you’ve faced before. You can’t afford to remain closed indefinitely, but you also don’t want an employee to get sick because he or she was exposed to the virus at work. As you work with your investors to determine what protocols you need to maintain, keep these tips in mind.

Automate Your Processes

Whenever you can replace face-to-face contact with automation, do so. In a restaurant, install ordering kiosks or develop a mobile app so your customers do not have to complete their orders with an employee. If you work in the dry cleaning industry, use your dry cleaning conveyor to limit how many people need to touch each piece of clothing. You’re probably hesitant to make these changes because you’ve heard that customers prefer real-life interactions to robots. That’s true during normal times, but right now, most of your customers are eager to avoid unnecessary exposure.

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Reduce the Number of People on Each Shift

Thanks to your increased automation, you don’t need as many employees to come to work every shift. Limit your numbers so that employees have room to maintain social distancing, and try to schedule the same people together. That way, if one shift is infected, your other employees can still come to work.

Be Ready for Changes

Your plan has probably changed several times since you reopened, and that’s going to keep happening. Watch out for new guidance as scientists learn more about the virus, and don’t get attached to any protocols that you develop.

The keys to keeping your business going during the pandemic are flexibility and concern for your workers. If you prioritize safety and exhibit understanding, your employees and customers will feel comfortable coming to your business.

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