Cannot Use Students’ Fund For Payment Of Salary, DU Principals’ Association Demands Grants From Chief Minister

Cannot Use Students’ Fund For Payment Of Salary, DU Principals' Association Demands Grants From Chief Minister


The Delhi Government on Friday, October 16, directed 12 fully-funded colleges affiliated to Delhi University to pay the outstanding salaries to teachers and staff members of the colleges from the Students’ Society Fund. However, the Delhi University Principals’ Association (DUPA) has said that the colleges cannot use the students’ fund for paying the salaries of the teaching and the non-teaching staff. The association wants the Chief Minister of Delhi to intervene and ensure that the money collected as part of the students’ fund is not utilised for purposes other than the activities meant for it. The principal’s association has also appealed to the Vice Chancellor of DU to take the matter to the Delhi Government and get the grants-in-aid to be released to pay the salary of the teaching and non-teaching staff which is long due.


Alleging the decision of the government to use the money collected for the students’ activities be used for payment of salaries as irrational, arbitrary and illegal, DUPA in a statement said: “The direction that grants in aid (GIA) for the salaries will be only released after Student’s Society Fund is exhausted will completely stop the activities for ability enhancement, soft skills learning and promotion of cross-cultural understanding among the students so imperative for their comprehensive personality development.”

“Further, the colleges are allowed to develop corpus fund for various academic purposes. Issuing any order/permission to use Student’s Society Fund for payment of salary is outside the jurisdiction of the government,” DUPA added.


“The DUPA condemns linkage between conduct of Special Audit and release of grant-in aid for salary. The audit is a routine affair and already 3 types of audit (Statutory audit, LFA Audit of GNCTD, and CAG) are conducted periodically and there is no linkage between conduct of Audit and release of Grant-in-aid for salary. Therefore, the contention that the GIA will be released only after completion of special audit is illegal,” it added.

The Students Society Fund is meant for the activities such as campus placements, skill enhancement, career counseling and gender sensitisation, meeting the expenditure of the students with special needs, extracurricular activities, cultural functions and student exchange programmes, training the women students for self-defense and maintenance of classroom infrastructure for which, DUPA says, no grants are available.

The principal’s body further says that the University Grants Commission’s norms and guidelines regarding the sources of income and expenditure are binding on all the higher learning institutions. These norms, DUPA said, demand that only those items approved from the fee collected from students can be taken into account while releasing grants.

The statement further added: “Any fund collected by the college other than these approved items of fee are treated as self-generated resources and are allowed to be utilized for the purpose for which they are collected.” Since the colleges have collected these funds for specific purposes for the development of students these self-generated resources and such additional earnings should not be adjusted against grants for salary to the teaching and non-teaching staff.

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