Child Development Milestones To Watch For

As a parent, there are likely many things that you worry about with your child. You have brought this little one into the world to love and take care of, and you likely want the very best for him or her. One area of concern that many parents have is developmental milestones. Every baby is different, and just because your child does not reach a milestone at the exact same time as his or her peers does not mean there is a delay. While every child is different, there are a few milestones that you can look for in child development Desoto TX.

Understanding the Stages of Child Development

1. Sitting Up

Babies tend to start sitting up between seven to nine months of age according to Healthline. This is a fun time to try out baby foods for the first time. Your child may sit up unsupported much sooner or later than this, so remember that it is simply an average.

2. Walking

There is a wide range of when babies start to walk. According to The Bump, babies can start walking as early as nine months and later than 18 months. Some babies may stay in the crawling stage for longer, while others may transition from scooting to walking fairly quickly.

3. Talking

Most children know a word or two by the time they turn one year old. However, some children are more vocal while others may take longer to talk. If your child is still not forming words by 18 months of age, it might be time to talk to your pediatrician about this milestone.

Watching a baby grow and learn is one of the most exciting parts of parenthood. If you are concerned about your baby reaching his or her milestones, consider speaking to your pediatrician about your worries. He or she will likely calm your fears and explain that all babies take their own time.

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