Staggered-Entry, Barcoded Admit Card For AIIMS PG Exam To Ensure Social-Distancing

Staggered-Entry, Barcoded Admit Card For AIIMS PG Exam To Ensure Social-Distancing


AIIMS released admit card for AIIMS PG entrance test on June 5. The entrance test will be held on June 11. With only a handful of days remaining to the exam day, the institute has issued guidelines which must be followed to ensure social distancing during the exams. AIIMS has also made certain modifications in in-practice procedures within the framework of directives and advisories issued by government regarding Covid-19.

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AIIMS will be conducting the entrance exam in more than 150 cities to minimize the need for travel by the candidates. Number of candidates at each available centre will be 50% less.

AIIMS PG admit card has also been modified and a declaration related to Covid-19 has been included. The admit card also has barcode for touch free entry.

Entry to the exam centre will be time-staggered to avoid crowding. The entry time-window for each candidate will be communicated to them through message or email.

Candidates appearing for the exam are required to wear face mask and follow hand-hygiene procedure at entry, registration and the examination hall. There will be one registration desk for 30 students.

“At registration desk, candidates’ face shall be captured by camera. Candidate shall sanitize the left thumb with alcohol based sanitizer before and after marking attendance. The best process of marking attendance with all due sanitization and social distancing measures has been adopted at the Examination Centre.”

Candidates are NOT required to bring photograph but must carry an ID which will be verified at the registration desk.

The seating plan will ensure a vacant seat between two candidates such that they are seated six feet apart.

One day ahead of the exam, the seat, desk, keyboard, mouse and other components on the desk will be sanitized. Candidates can further sanitize their desk with sanitizers available in the exam hall. The washrooms at exam centre will also be sanitized as per guidelines and students would have to follow hand-hygiene guidelines before and after washroom break.

Candidates will also be provided bottled water and they should follow due precaution during consumption of water and disposal of empty bottle.

After the exam is over, candidates must follow the examiner’s instructions on staggered time exit and submit their admit cards in ballot-type boxes kept at specific locations in the exam centre.

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