Students of Presidency University Distribute Food Items Among Transgenders

The students of the Presidency University have distributed food items among transgender people hit by the lockdown, the institute’s students’ council president said on Sunday.

Twenty-five transgender people from Garia Nabagram area in the city have been given rice, pulses and potatoes among other essential items, Presidency University Students’ Council President Mimosa Ghorai told reporters. “We distributed 33 kg of rice, 6.5 kg of pulses, 12 kg of potatoes, 25 soybean packets besides onions, oil and soap among them on Friday and Sunday,” she said.Lockdown 3.0: Students of Presidency University Distribute Food Items Among Transgenders

Students and staff, faculty, alumni members contributed to the students’ council fund for the cause, Ghorai said.

Chhabirani, a transgender, said she had exhausted all her savings in the first month of the lockdown and could not hold back her tears upon receiving the food packets. “The monthly ration provided by the government had exhausted and we were wondering how to survive in the coming days. These children brought smiles to our faces. We bless them for a happy and successful life,” she said.

Lauding the students’ effort, Presidency University Registrar Debojyoti Konar said, “We are proud of our students. They have risen to the occasion like true ‘Presidencians’. But they should maintain safety protocols while coming to the aid of the poor,” Konar said.

Earlier during the lockdown, the students’ council had given Rs 1,000 each to eight casual workers of the Hindu Hostel and a hawker who used to sell food packets on the institute’s campus for years.

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