PM Modi Appreciates Student’s Idea At Singapore-India Hackathon

PM Modi Appreciates Student's Idea At Singapore-India Hackathon

PM Modi appreciates student’s idea at Singapore-India Hackathon


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday while congratulating the winners of Singapore-India Hackathon in Chennai appreciated an idea given by the students and said that he would discuss the idea with the Speaker as it would help in Parliament.

The idea given by the students involves the monitoring of people sitting through an activity and helps to detect who is paying attention and who is not.

“My young friends here have solved various problems today, I specially liked the solution about cameras to detect who is paying attention, and now what will happen you know? I will talk to my Speaker in Parliament and I am sure it will be very useful to Parliament,” the Prime Minister said as the audience at the prize distribution ceremony of Singapore-India Hackathon at IIT-Madras laughed and clapped.

“I congratulate the winners of the Hackathon and I congratulate each and very young friend assembled here, particularly my student friends. Your willingness to confront challenges and find workable solutions, your energy, your enthusiasm is of much greater value than just winning in competition,” he said.

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