Looking for a New Career? Become an Esthetician

The field of esthetics attracts people who are creative and caring. Estheticians devote their time each day to helping others feel incredible. If you’re interested in being in a creative field where you get to work with clients, being an esthetician could be a good fit for you. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these three steps and you’ll be a licensed esthetician in no time.

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Complete your Schooling

Most practicing estheticians have at least an associate’s degree, but some have simply completed a certification program. Depending on where you live, either or both may be required before you can become an esthetician. Typically, these programs go on for two years and teach their students everything they need to know about cosmetics, makeup artistry, skin treatments, hair care and other services. It’s the first and most important step in your journey toward working as an esthetician.

Earn your License

Once you’ve finished your schooling, you’ll be able to apply for a license. Prerequisites may vary from state to state, but usually you will have to show proof of a required number of educational credits as well as examples of classes that show you’ve received theoretical and practical experience. After that, you can sit for an exam and, if you pass, earn your license!

Get Hands On Experience

The final step, of course, is about getting to work! You may only be able to find entry-level work at first, and that’s okay. Like any creative, skills-based venture, being a successful esthetician takes time. Repetition is the best way to improve your skills, so getting your applications out there as soon as possible will help you get on your way.

Being an esthetician and helping others look and feel their best is a very rewarding job. Follow these steps and you’ll have a new career in no time!

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