Six Awesome Reasons to Move to the Northwest

Hidden in the Northwest corner of the United States, Washington State is an underrated gem. Between its natural beauty and the pride of the sports teams, there are some very good reasons for moving to the Evergreen State!

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1. Education

Whether you send your child to a public school in Maple Valley or to Sammamish private schools, you will not be disappointed. Washington State is ranked the sixth-best state in the country for education.

2. Coffee

Ever since the first Starbucks opened in Pike Place Market in 1971, Washingtonians statewide have embraced all things coffee. Starbucks aside, there are Mom and Pop coffee stands on every corner no matter where you live. Coffee is more than a drink up North, it’s a way of life.

3. Scenery

There are only 12 states in the whole country that boast an active volcano, and Washington happens to be one of them. Majestic Mount Rainier is the crown jewel of the Emerald City, its natural beauty never ceasing to take your breath away. Living in its shadow is a privilege and makes for beautiful photos and drives to work.

4. Recreational Fun

If you are a cannabis user, you’re in luck: Washington is one of the ten states in the country that has fully legalized the use of marijuana. Medicinal or recreational, it is perfectly legal to buy and use cannabis in the state.

5. Jobs

Have you ever heard of a few little companies called Microsoft, Amazon and Costco? Washington is the home of these corporations, and the job market is strong thanks to them. A technological hub, you can expect to find a decent, well-paying job in the Pacific Northwest.

6. Sports

Say whatever you want about Seattle fans, but you can’t deny one fact: they are loud, proud and support their teams through thick and thin. Blue and green team colors are and always will be part of the Northwest culture.

Washington is amazing and a wonderful place to call home. Discover for yourself why it’s worth moving up North!

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