Cyber attacks and The Importance of Planning Ahead

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In 2019, companies face more sophisticated cyber attacks than ever before. Corporate attacks are a frequent occurrence and often leave businesses with big costs and damages to mitigate. By 2021, cybercrime is projected to become the most profitable criminal sector in the world; it is important that companies plan ahead and create a corporate climate of security and awareness. An essential part of any cybersecurity system is an incident response. Cyber incident response planning should be on the agenda of every companies’ cybersecurity team. When attacks hit, it is imperative that corporations are prepared so that damage is minimized.

Best Strategies for Incident Response Planning

When a cyber attack hits, every second where the problem is not fixed is time where more sensitive information is released. When companies prepare for a cyber incident they can equip themselves to handle breaches quickly and effectively. Here are some strategies for implementing a strong incident response.

Run Practice Exercises

Just like schools do fire drills to make sure everyone is prepared for a fire, companies should run breach simulation drills to make sure everyone knows what there role would be in the event of a security breach. In order to make sure everyone is benefiting from the exercise, it is a good idea to have the mock breach designed by a third party.

Assign Specific Roles

Assigning roles is a vital part of incident response planning. It is important to clearly define specific duties and responsibilities so that people know what to do when a cyber breach occurs. Everyone in a company has their own skill set and it is important to assign people to roles aligned with their abilities.

As technology advances and cyber attacks become more sophisticated, it is important that companies are prepared to handle security breaches. Companies must implement a incident response plan into their cybersecurity strategies.

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