Leverage the Benefits of Step-By-Step Digital Instruction Workflows

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Digitizing paper-based processes or converting these into a set of instructions of digital work, which can be applied, to Smartphones, tablets and other wearables used in an enterprise is one of the innovative benefits. The digital program lets your team access relevant content and stepwise instructions with simple signing off procedures. The use of this out of the box digital solution empowers your workforce and enhances the operational efficiency. Apart from this, it benefits the environment by eliminating the use of paper.

Librestream has created well-designed software for helping in digitization of processes seamlessly. With the adoption and use of this software, entrepreneurs and management staff get the power for creating, deploying, and monitoring various work-related instructions to the entire staff.

The whole process gets done seamlessly and securely with the help of built-in dashboards. The versatile and highly efficient software assists in the analysis of live data. The management can easily track and identify the areas requiring improvement and also monitor the job status.

Benefits and important features of the digitizing software

  • The software helps in the creation of digital forms having the stepwise procedure through the use of a drag and drop builder. Additionally, it assists in the launching of the digital instructions having embedded QR codes with deep links.
  • Entrepreneurs can use the software to create programs wherein they can schedule, allocate and manage various jobs for different staffers or teams.
  • With the use of advanced technology, the software would capture machine data, date, time alongside the geo -stamps for helping in future analytics.
  • One can build customized dashboards and gets tailored reports generated through powerful data analytics.
  • The software is highly versatile and can be used for the integration of the existing systems of a company using an open API. Support from remote experts can be accessed through unique features.

Significant Advantages

  • You get complete digitization of paper workflows through condensation of job steps into a digital form.
  • It allows one to perform work instructions in different kinds of challenging environments. One just requires downloading the jobs ahead of time and executing this offline. The data is uploaded automatically on re-establishing the connection.
  • The drag and drop builder can help to create and manage complex and highly detailed workflow steps. The advanced features like conditional paths provide for a high functionality for the creation of customized digital work instructions.

Support for varied devices

The software can run on different kinds of enterprise-grade devices that are used in the field. These include wearables, tablets, and Smartphones. Employees can experience convenience in use with the help of hands-free feature of the wearables.

Guidance from experts

The connect features allows one to share live audio, video, text, documentation, and images with experts at a remote place.


For helping to complete utilization of the software, the company can opt for customized training and adoption services. It would assist the trainees to learn about project communications, project planning, usage analytics and training approaches.

You can experience an augmented reality service platform by requesting an online demo of the software.

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