Coffee-A Morning Booster

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Coffee, a morning booster, an energy drink, caffeinates or say it by any other name. One thing in common is there that these magical beans are loved by most of the people in world. There are countries with a great thrift in coffee culture. People start their dayswith coffee and end their days with coffee. Basically coffee is an extract of the beans of coffee plant. Coffee is of different types and each species of coffee has its own flavour depending on how it is being fermented and in which area it is grown. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world with over 400 billion cups sold every year.

Benefits of coffee

Energy booster: Coffee has an element called caffeine. Caffeine pumps up your blood pressure giving you a quick energy boost. Once in a while you might have heard someone saying drink coffee during night if you want to stay awake and work. Also there are caffeine tablets consumed by body builders so that they can pump the adrenaline.

Risk of diabetes: Coffee consumption reduces the risk of diabetes and balance the insulin level. It increases the plasma protein level that helps in curing type 2 diabetes.

Liver cancer: This magical seed helps in curing liver cancer. Researchers have found that consumption of coffee leads to cure 50% of liver cancer.

Helps in reducing fat: Black coffee has a very low calorie countand apparently; it helps in reducing fat of a person. You feel energetic after having coffee and the low calorie count helps in reducing your fat level.

Types of coffee

There are different types of coffees around the world. Types depend on the species and also how we make coffee because every person has his own style of coffee. Some like black, some like espresso, some go for macchiato and some for cappuccino.

Espresso: this is the most common type of coffee consumed all over. It is of Italian origin and is made by putting steamed boiling water into coffee seeds. It gives out a creamy flavour, which is full of contrast, and taste.Espresso is not of some other coffee seeds but it is made by a machine where the pressurized steamed water mixes with coffee beans and come out. An espresso machine is one which makes espresso shots and it is very helpful in making espresso.

There are many espresso machines that can make espresso but every machine is different based on its shooting method. A good espresso blends the steamed water adequately and gives a very dense and creamy taste. Other espresso machines are uneven with their flavour and get rust easily. There are many companies dealing in espresso machines. You can get one of the best espresso machines on They are one of the best in this business and are making perfect espresso machines. They have 39 kinds of espressos and other coffee grinders. Their all espresso machines are deep to nine bars, which is an accurate number.

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