Some Important Ways to Use Cannabis

Cannabis or Marijuana can be used in multiple ways. Despite of being a drug it has many medical applications. Cannabis is administered according to physician’s prescription. Medically marijuana is implemented and can be recommended in various ways:

  • Inhalation

If someone wants an instant effect of marijuana then he/she can inhale it. Dosage should be quantified firstly. Inhaled cannabis gives an instant reaction. It is quickly taken into lungs and is absorbed by capillaries and diffused into bloodstream. The effect of inhaled marijuana remains for around four hours.

  • Tropical application

Marijuana can be applied on skin as ointment as well. It can be applied as lotion. Through tropical application it helps in treating arthritis, skin inflammation or muscle pain. It is absorbed in skin and helps in treating skin problems. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and it is all because of soluble terpenoids and flavonoids.

  • Oral ingestion

People who do not smoke can have cannabis through edible pills or other items like brownies, cookies or tea. There is a drawback of oral ingestion as cannabis is fat soluble and it can affect person’s metabolism. In order to solve this problem one can use cannabis butter with which cannabinoids can easily blend. So, oral ingestion is a very suitable way to intake marijuana for non smokers.

  • Smoking

Another way of having marijuana is smoking a cigarette, pipe or bong. Smoking marijuana is not considered to be inefficient as marijuana and smoke goes together. In such a case bong is more advisable. Bong is basically a water pipe which is suggested as cool smoke is less irritating than normal smoke. People who already have lung infection or any other related problem, are not suggested this method. This method may harm their lungs more.

  • Vaporization

Instead of smoking, it or ingesting it, other way around can be in form of gases. Marijuana or cannabis is heated to a certain level that releases the medication. These released vapours can be inhaled by the patient. It does not affect the lungs or anything. It is a safe form for intake of marijuana. But one thing to be considered is that temperature should not be much high that marijuana burns. Also it should not be much less that those medical properties does not even gets released.

  • Sublingual (under the tongue) or mucosal ( in the oral cavity) delivery

Another form of intake can be through oils or tinctures. It has an instant effect as they are delivered directly to the bloodstream. This method is very suitable for people who do not smoke. Tinctures can be taken trough dropper. They can be taken under the tongue or other option is sprayed in the mouth. In end, they are absorbed in oral cavity.

The cannabis products are readily available on online websites. Just Cannabis buy edibles online Canada provides with edible marijuana products, which can be easily ingested or consumed. There are products which can be directly applied as well. It depends all upon the use, some use it as a drug and some see its medical properties.

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