Institutes to face action for not returning fees if one withdraws admission

In a stern message to Higher Education Institutes, Minister of State for HRD Ministry Dr. Satyapal Singh on Wednesday said that institutions would face action for failing to return the fees in case a student withdraws his/her admission. “Any institution not returning fees in case of withdrawal of admission will have to face action,” Singh tweeted. The Minister said that institutions will no longer be allowed to exploit students. The move is being seen as a great relief to many students who are often at a disadvantage if they choose to withdraw their admission form an institute. There are several institutions who have the policy where they return admission fee only up to a certain deadline.

Earlier, the Human Resource Development Ministry had instructed the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and University Grants Commission (UGC) to take punitive action against institutions, including deemed varsities, if they fail to enforce these directions. “This could include withdrawal of approval and recognition of erring institutions,” an official said. According to norms, institutions are bound to return fees and original documents of students in case a candidate opts to withdraw the admission.

“It has been often noticed that some institutions don’t refund fees or deduct an extravagant amount while returning (it),” a senior HRD Ministry official explained. The decision was taken after reports emerged that some institutions don’t refund fees or deduct an excessive amount while returning their money.

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