How to launch a successful career in marketing

You may currently be involved in education and are all set to graduate soon. While this is naturally an exciting time, it does mean you have to think about what to do next. For many graduates, this will mean leaving education to get a job. While some may have a clear idea of their career path, that may not be the case for you.

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There are many amazing roles that you could use your academic qualifications and skills for, but marketing is presently one of the most popular. With the global advertising market being worth around $550 billion in the USA alone during 2017, it is clear to see this is one industry that is in good health. But how do you go about breaking into marketing after leaving education?

Top tips on launching your marketing career

The great thing about working in marketing is that it is one industry that is always in demand and will never die. Also, the salary is pretty good with the average US marketing manager earning around $100,000 annually. If you think marketing is for you, then the below tips will give you some ideas on how to start a career in the business:

  • Get expert advice – one effective way to start is to get expert advice. Find a marketing professional or guru who can give you the heads up on what to expect, contacts to approach for a job and what skills you need to brush up on. Founder of online marketing giant Iconic Industry, Chern Lee , is a marketing visionary who loves to help others in this way. Check out Chern Lee’s leadership guide for some great marketing tips and general career advice.
  • Get extra marketing qualifications – it might be that you have just completed a marketing degree or hold a lesser qualification. Whatever the case, it is always worth having some extra marketing specific qualifications on your CV when job hunting. There are lots of online resources that provide training in marketing and can give you an extra certificate to aid your job search. That will give you an edge over other candidates and help you bag that marketing role.
  • Specialize in one area – of course, you first need to have a firm handle on all the general principles and basics of the main marketing methods currently used. Once you have done that it is wise to specialize in one sector. Whether you enjoy learning more about SEO or find PPC ads interesting, making yourself an expert in one field will give you an advantage when job hunting.
  • Keep up to date – another great tip to help get into marketing as a career is to always stay up to date with industry news and any new marketing methods being used. Marketing is a sector that changes a lot, so you need to be changing with it. That can be done easily online each day and will help keep your skills relevant for bagging that ideal role.
  • Work experience – it may be an old-fashioned way of breaking into an industry but taking on an internship or work experience role can often be the foot in the door you need. Once you have worked somewhere for a while, you will have shown people what you can do and that they can trust you to do a good job. That makes it much more likely a company will employ you if you apply for a permanent job.

Networking is a powerful tool

One very important tip for moving into a marketing career is to network with relevant people or companies. This will not only bring you to their attention but also allow you to showcase what you can offer in a more personal way. When they are next looking for a new marketing manager they will be more likely to think of you. LinkedIn is a great business tool for this purpose and has many marketing groups that you can join to connect with influential people in the marketing world.

Market yourself for success

Marketing is a sector that is based on human interaction and conversations. To really launch a career in this industry, it is vital to simply get involved and to interact with relevant people or companies. Once you have done the groundwork and have also armed yourself with the all the necessary skills that you need to succeed, you will find building a prosperous is not that arduous.

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