Is facial recognition the new trend in education tech?


A Seattle-based company is hoping its technology can make schools safer and is offering new facial recognition software to K-12 schools across the country for free.

Created by a company called RealNetworks, the SAFR program integrates into schools’ existing digital security cameras as a way to recognize students, staff and visitors in real time. It can be used for a variety of tasks, from vandalism and theft prevention to gatekeeping for school entry to monitoring for potential human threats inside or outside a school.

“School safety has become one of the top national issues in the United States in 2018,” said Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO of RealNetworks, in a release. “We are proud to give our leading-edge SAFR for K-12 technology solution to every elementary, middle and high school in America and Canada. We hope this will help make schools safer.”

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