Edvantage Point turns market place for educational institutes

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Hyderabad: Edvantage Point, a market place for educational institutes with operations in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, is looking to add more partners – stationery services, furniture provider, event managers, uniform suppliers and others.

The technology platform will enter into a revenue share model with these. The services to parents and educational institutions will be free, said Seliha Muvva, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Edvantage Point Technologies.

Before setting up Edvantage Point, Muvva had worked as a teacher. She later worked in fundraising activities. She also was taught marketing at an institute in Himachal Pradesh.
With knowledge of challenges faced by teachers and parents, she earlier founded Edukul India, an education institute management system connecting teachers, school management and parents, in 2013.

According to her, Edvantage Point is now serving as a research platform for parents about schools, admission process, fee structure, syllabus, proximity to home or office, transport and infrastructure facilities and other related aspects. Edvantage will source the required information and mail that to parents who have raised the queries.

“About 80% of queries from Hyderabad are related to intermediate colleges offer IIT coaching ,” said Muvva adding that the trend is tilted towards engineering subjects. However, in Bengaluru, about 60 per cent queries seek information on colleges that offer courses in humanities courses at Class 11 and 12. Also, a large number of CBSE students ask about compartmental examinations.

“In days to come, Edvantage Point will automate reviews of schools for parents while searching for them on our platform. Real-time counselling for students is on cards,” said Muvva about company’s plans.

It also wants to partner with education institutes and helps them get discovered online. “This way, we will help the institutes digitise their admission process as well as build a mobile-ready online presence for them,” she said adding that about 7,000 schools are listed with it. The search platform is built with technologies that use analytics and machine learning to understand the needs of visitors or users.

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