Three awesome apps that teach children through games

FUTURE READY: Isabel Hoffman, 4, from Warwick, plays on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

LEARNING how to code, draw and recognise body parts are all skills that can now be taught with the help of cute characters and colourful graphics on applications.

Warwick mother Johanna Zolg believes keeping a balance between hands-on learning and technology is a good way to prepare her two children for the future.

Allowing the children to use applications for a couple of hours a week is enough to help build their skills and leaves enough time for other play, she said.

“Nowadays kids have to learn it, the world is going so fast so I’m not against it,” she said.

“It also helps with their hand-eye coordination a bit having to use the screen and finger.”

Ms Zolg’s four-year-old daughter loves drawing apps, but there are a range of educational apps that help build skills from a young age.

Here are some popular choices for parents:

1. Code Spark Academy

INTRODUCE children to computer science and coding concepts with the help of this game.

Designed for children aged five and above, it helps develop short-term memory and problem-solving using puzzles.

It’s available on Google Play and is free to download, but a subscription of $9.99 a month is required after the first week.

2. Monkey Word School Adventure

AN ADVENTURE game with an educational twist, this app allows children to learn letters, sight words, phonics and spelling.

It’s $2.79 to download but doesn’t have pesky in-app purchases.

3. DragonBox Elements

CHILDREN can embark on a journey and discover the basics of geometry without even realising they’re learning.

It costs $6.80 to download and has over 100 puzzles to choose from.

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