5 Tips for hiring the right electrician

A little research can be of much good when looking for a contractor to get electrical work done at your home or office. Hiring an inexperienced or untrained contractor may expose your family, home, and property to certain risks. Consider these 5 tips when hiring to be that you are hiring an electrician who is reliable and experienced.

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  1. Choose a licensed electrician

Even if the law does not require your electrical contractor to be licensed, it is always a good idea to hire one who is. It simply means that the contractor has undergone an exam or certain quality test measures to procure the license, thus ensuring that he is skilled and experienced in carrying out the electrical work as may be required.

  1. Ask if the contractor is insured

We are not looking to have our homes damaged in the process of getting the electrical work done. A licensed contractor is likely to carry a liability insurance that will any expense incurred in case of uneventful damage to your home resulting from the electrical work procedure the contractor is performing. Now, an unlicensed and uninsured electrician is likely to never provide that security and you may thus be exposing your property to damages.

  1. Request references or check reviews

If the contractor is experienced and reputable, he is likely to have a number of clients who won’t shy away from giving referrals or providing reviews. These reviews will indicate the quality of work and the type of customer service you are likely to receive.

  1. Get 3-4 bids before deciding who to hire

While cost isn’t the sole decisive factor, it definitely is a factor. Find out from a couple of contractors or more about their quotes for the work needed. Not only will it help you make your decision but the cost variance will help you determine whether or not your choice of contractor has included all expenses. The best bid need not be the most expensive, and the cheapest bid need not be the worst, so make an informed decision.

  1. Get everything in writing

Before the work begins, take the estimates and the details of the work to be completed in writing and keep this paperwork for your records. Also clarify in writing about any additional fees or services and the expected time the contractor will take to get the work done. This will help prevent any miscommunications later.

With these tips in mind, you care likely to hire an electrical contractor who is experienced and will not bother you with any further damages or expenditure than what is pre-decided. Some work initially helps avoid added stress later!

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