Love fusion food? Try out this Chai Ghevar Tiramisu recipe

There’s chai, there’s ghevar and then there’s the goodness of tiramisu all rolled into one. This king of a fusion dessert is unlike anything you will come across and you don’t even have to step into a five-star restaurant to enjoy it in all its glory. Getting it right might be the tricky part but it’s not impossible. All you need is a little bit of patience.

Chef Ashish Deva, executive chef, Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa shares his special recipe with us. Go on, don’t be scared to experiment in the kitchen. Maybe, this might just turn into a bestseller among your loved ones.

Serves 4

2 pieces – Ghevar (Dry)
100g – Mascarpone cheese
25g – Gulkand
1tsp – Rose water
1tbsp – Tea powder
2tsp – Sugar
10g – Ginger
4 pieces – Cardamom
50g – Red sponge
1 mint sprig

* Make a tea decoction using water, tea powder, sugar, ginger and cardamom.

* Whisk mascarpone cheese till it turns fluffy and add in gulkand and rose water.

* Dry the red sponge at 80 degree celsius in an oven till it becomes hard. Crush to make a crumble.

* Soak the ghevar in tea decoction and place over a platter.

* Make quenelles of gulkand mascarpone mixture and put along the soaked ghevar.

* Garnish with red crumble and mint sprig.

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