Higher Childhood IQ Linked to Longer Life: Top 5 Foods to Boost Brain Power

While a range of lifestyle factors have been linked to triggering ailments like cancer, diabetes, hypertension among others, experts have now established an unusual link between IQ level and a range of diseases. Experts at the University of Edinburgh in the UK have found that kids with higher intelligence have a lower risk of major causes of death, including heart disease, stroke, and smoking related cancers. The findings also suggested lifestyle factors, especially tobacco smoking, as an important component in the effect of intelligence on differences in mortality.

Close to 30,000 men and women were examined for the same and it was found that higher childhood intelligence was associated with a lower risk of death until age 79. Previous studies have shown that, on average, individuals with higher IQs tend to live a little longer than those with lower IQs. Cause of death included coronary heart disease, stroke, specific cancers, respiratory disease, digestive disease, external causes (including suicide and death from injury), and dementia.


While the Intelligence Quotient of a person rests on genetic predisposition and can be honed by cognitive exercises and brain stimulating activities, experts suggests diet to also play an active role in boosting brain power. Take a look at top 5 food items that can rev up your IQ.


Vitamin C


Citrus fruits are excellent for boosting brain power. Vitamin C has long been linked to enhancing mental agility.

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Nuts and Seeds


Just a handful of seeds may go a long way in boosting brain power. These are also a great source of essential micronutrients and antioxidants.




Load up on your favourite berries! From blueberries, raspberries to the most loved strawberries, they protect the brain against age-related cognitive decline.

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Green leafy veggies


From broccoli, kale, to spinach – green vegetables are full of iron, Vitamin E, K and B9 (folate) which are extremely important for brain cell development, keeping memory related issues at bay.

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Whole grains


Regular consumption of whole grains is beneficial for the overall well-being of the body. Grains consumption helps release energy which is used by the brain for proper functioning.

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