Breast Cancer and Awareness – All you should know

There is no dearth of diseases that can plague a human body. Yet, cancer remains one of the most deadliest. The thing about the cancer cell is that it grows on its own and it can be extremely difficult and painful to deal with the disease. It can affect different parts of one’s body and breasts are one of them. A very peculiar characteristic of breast cancer is that on an average, breast cancer gets detected quite late, and often at a crucial stage. There are numerous reasons accorded to it, one of them being lack of information and knowledge to the common woman.

In order to deal with myriad lacunae that exist in our understanding of breast cancer, October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year, in most of the parts of the globe. It aims at organizing events, seminars, hold workshops, reach out to as many women as possible, in order to shell out all the information about breast cancer. The cash inflow that these activities, which are cultural too, at times, is then handed over to charities and organizations working towards breast cancer. The purpose of the month is tocreate more and more awareness and generate funds so as to aid the research that is undergoing within the realm of breast cancer.


The worldwide annual campaign has a pink ribbon as its symbol. Pink is not just a colour that is usually associated with women; in fact, pink also symbolizes good health. People often wear pink clothes and attend the various programmes that are held to raise funds. Nowadays, the focus is majorly to remove the taboo that is attached to women’s bodies, which furthers the gap between breast cancer, its diagnosis and treatment. Movie stars are often seen to be sporting the pink ribbon on red carpets of numerous award functions, to mark their support.

Breast cancer is, unfortunately, more common than one assumes. It is the second most common form of cancer in USA and most common in UK. Genetics, lifestyle issues, tobacco consumption, and many more reasons can contribute to breast cancer as it does not have a singular germinating point. We suggest that women get a check-up done timely and they can also keep a check on their breasts and report to the doctor if they find anything uneasy.

Some of the symptoms of breast cancer include change in shape of the breasts, presence of a lump in your breasts, redness around the areolae, and irregular discharge from the nipples. These are in no way exhaustive and can only work as a layman’s guide to breast cancer. Women need to take this issue seriously and alter lifestyles accordingly so as to not just live a healthy life but also, a longer life.

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