December 2015 Question of the Month

If there’s one thing we here at Edudemic know is true, it’s that teachers are heroes. Sure, you might not wear a cape, and you’d be banned from campus if you gave your students flying lessons. But you do heroic deeds every day, whether we’re talking about the big stuff or the supposedly little stuff, like just showing up and giving your rambunctious class someone to believe in.

Of course, every one of us has a teacher we can name from our own educational careers that was a bigger hero than all the rest. Maybe this teacher saw something in you that you didn’t see in yourself, or believed in and encouraged you when no one else did. Maybe they challenged you to reach further than you thought you could, or simply offered an empathetic ear after school during a rough time. Or, maybe this teacher inspired or continues to inspire your current teaching career, acting as a model for everything you stand for and want to be.

There is certainly no shortage of these everyday teaching heroes. That’s why we asked you this question in December of 2015 and January of 2016:


Not surprisingly, you all had much to say about the teachers who changed your life.

@ChalkTalkKelly gave a shout out to, “@donalynbooks Donalyn Miller is mine!”

@Q_i_a_n_a remembered “6th grade teacher Ms. Chisholm. She was everything to me, taught me I cld do anything. I became a 6th grade teacher because of her.”

@Booksspeakforu called out “teaching hero Ms. Jackson” who “taught me to know my potential & now I will go to DC on 1/8 to copyright 100 books I wrote in 100 Days.”

Cody Sheffield Twitter

@rightbrainy recalled, “My maths teacher Ms.Prema, Gudalur in class X. She dedicated her heart and soul to students. Her motivation made me to score 100%.”

@MHofmann98 declared, “My teaching heroes are many! Blessed to have worked w/ so many caring, talented @RayPec @RaytownSchools educators!”

@JasonSmithCSBO named “Francis Blasi – taught me HS math and told me he saw potential in me.”

@jcbjr had many people to list. “Mine include Ted Strein, @TParks , @AlliPolin , @Leadershipfreak , and@mssackstein – yep, still a learner!”

John Ebner Twitter

Wow, just reading about these many amazing teachers has us inspired! If you have any more teaching heroes you’d like to highlight, please let us know so we can give them the spotlight they deserve. And thank you to every teacher. You’re all heroes every day!

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