Feeling Overqualified May Trigger Stress in Workers: Load Up on Nuts and Chocolates to Feel Better

Stress can be triggered due to a host of factors. Unfortunately, professional dissatisfaction is one of the biggest reasons for most young professionals to succumb and give in to acute stress. Experts at the Florida Atlantic University in America have found that employees who feel overqualified for their current job are likely to feel dissatisfied with their work and feel stressed. It was also found that as people age their sense of feeling overqualified also diminishes gradually.

Occupational stress is actually a thing of this world, which means that the place one works in is not conducive for a person’s professional or emotional growth, thereby triggering stressful events in an employee’s routine. Inability to cope with occupational demands or failure to deliver as expected may also push people to feel stressed and even feel depressed. Managerial bullying, role conflict, lack of autonomy or barriers in career development may also trigger stress in employees. While one of the best ways to mitigate the problem is by taking it up with your reporting manager, working on your attention and ability to focus, and devising ways to delegate work and manage your time better may also help deal with extra workload and pressure. Take small breaks from work to feel refreshed and pep yourself up by talking to a colleague.

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What you eat and how you lead your daily lifestyle may also go a long way in tackling occupational stress. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption is likely to keep you from focusing and may down your productivity significantly. Poor sleep is also known to induce stress, hamper productivity, trigger irritability, play with your ability to concentrate and may even lead to depression. A diet rich in junk and processed food items is an long known ally of stress. Certain food items are known to minimize the ill-effects of stress and help you focus at work. Load up on the following items to feel better.




Probably one of the best food items for your health. The health benefits of yogurt is not unknown to the world. It cooling properties soothe the system, aid digestion, promote weight loss, take care of your skin and hair, build stronger bones and also ensure sound mental health. Regular consumption of yogurt is known to kill anxiety.


Add yogurt to your daily diet

Vitamin C


The nutrient is known strengthen immunity and also help mitigate stress. It is also known to repair stress-induced cell damage.

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Lemons are packed with vitamin C

Nuts and seeds


These come loaded with a bevy of essential nutrients and elements that keep a check on anxiety and mood swings.


Load up on nuts to feel better

Dark chocolate


This needs no introduction; cocoa present in chocolate has long been linked to inducing the ‘happy hormone’, thereby alleviating spells of anxiety and depression.

Feeling blue: Your children can ‘catch’ stress from friends and teachers in school

Are you feeling stress out? Blame it on your fellow batch mates or colleagues. New research suggests that if students and teachers of a school appear to be stressed, the chances of the same feeling percolating to a new colleague are quite high. The study, published in the journal Teaching and Teacher Education, found a significant link between burnout among early-career teachers and exposure to both a school-wide culture of burnout and burnout among the young teachers’ closest circle of colleagues.

“If you are surrounded by people who are downcast or walking around under a pall of burnout, then it has a high chance of spilling over, even if you don’t have direct contact with these folks,” said Kenneth Frank, Professor at Michigan State University in the US.

If you’re surrounded by people who are stressed out, you are likely to be affected too.

“This study is one of the first to provide evidence that the organisational culture in schools can make a notable difference for early-career teachers’ burnout levels,” Frank added.

The researchers analysed the survey data on burnout of 171 teachers who were in their first four years in the profession and 289 experienced teachers who served as the young teachers’ mentors or close colleagues. Frank said teacher burnout is also tied to the current education policy environment.

Controversial policies such as evaluating teachers based primarily on student test scores, merit pay for teachers and lack of voice in assignment of students to teachers can bring added pressure.

Feeling stressed? Try watching cartoon shows to beat the blues

When a national topper gives study tips, it is bound to get a lot of attention. So when IIT-JEE (Advanced) topper Sarvesh Mehtani said that while on one hand he gave up social media time — to focus better on studies — he did watch his favourite cartoon show — Doraemon — to de-stress, everyone noticed.

Experts agree that cartoons indeed are a surefire way to beat the blues. “Cartoons tend to be light in nature and are full of humour with a small lesson or learning. The creatives, visuals, out of the box ideas and beings projected on screen takes one in the world of new possibilities and imaginations. Individual differences do exist, but as per the recent researches, watching cartoons has been a great way to reduce stress and enhance creative thinking,” says Namrata Dagia, clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist and founder, The Illuminating Zone, Kandivili (W).

While for adults watching cartoons is a great way to unwind, for kids it is an effective educational tool.

While in general, experts recommend this form of recreation to almost everyone; it does not work if someone is sceptical. “Relaxation by means of watching cartoons may often work and help in case of receptive individuals who have some liking for childhood fantasies. People who are more serious and temperamental may consider this exercise rubbish,” says Dr PD Lakdawala, psychiatrist, Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo.

For adults it is a great way to unwind, but for kids it is an effective educational tool. “Watching cartoons can build concentration and vocabulary and it is a good and safe form of entertainment, helpful in exploring and observing and it enhances imagination and creativity,” says Dr Fazal Nabi, consultant paediatrician and intensivist, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Pedder Road.

Genre Matters

While most cartoons are funny, some of them have a central theme of mystery, action, etc. and watching them could be detrimental to health. “Watching violence in any form, even if it is in cartoons may result in aggravating the existing stress levels in a person. It can also cultivate aggressive impulses, which are harmful,” says Lakdawala. “As far as possible violence inducing cartoons should be avoided,” agrees Nabi.

Set The Limits

However, like all things in excess, watching too many cartoon shows also has a downside. “One can very much get addicted to cartoons. Cartoons are interesting and people get engrossed in it and forget about time and place too. People should be aware of time and their priorities. If one is aware of their addiction, he or she should set an alarm or should make arrangements for reminders,” says city-based psychologist Mary George Varghese.