Freshers in all universities to undergo induction programmes in line with IITs

Freshers will undergo an induction programme before they start their sessions.

Freshers joining universities across the country will undergo an induction programme similar to one followed by IITs, according to the UGC Quality Mandate issued on Monday.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has approved the mandate for universities across the country and is looking to strives to achieve the objectives set in the mandate by 2022.

Under the mandate, students will undergo an induction programme before they start their sessions. The commission has also given a go-ahead to introducing a learning outcome-based curriculum framework which will also require revision of curriculum at regular intervals.

In addition to this, under examination reforms, institutions will test a student’s understanding of a concept, and they way that knowledge is applied. The progress of students will also be tracked after the completion of their course in order to build a close association with the institute and to know how they are progressing, officials said.

“Social and industry connect for every institution: every institution shall adopt at least 5 villages for exchange of knowledge and for the overall social/economic betterment of the village communities,” reads the quality mandate document.

The commission has also asked higher educational institutions to improve the graduate outcomes for the students, so that at least 50% of them secure access to employment/self-employment or engage themselves in pursuit of higher education.

Institutes have also been asked to ensure that teacher vacancies do not exceed 10% of the sanctioned strength; and all the teachers are oriented with the latest and emerging trends in their respective domains of knowledge and pedagogies .

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