Top Tips To Learn Chemistry Efficiently

Chemistry is one of the most interesting and practical subjects. Chemistry is seen everywhere and the concepts can be related to real-life scenarios. This is also one of the subjects that forces one to question the rationale of nature and understand the formation of substances.

Though this subject is very interesting, some of the students often find it difficult to grasp the concepts and eventually start to dislike the subject. In this article, some of the important tips are given that can help the students to learn chemistry in a more effective way.

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  • Understand basics properly

It is always suggested to understand the basic chemistry concepts thoroughly as most of the concepts are interconnected. So, a student not understanding a topic may find it difficult to cope in the later grades. It is also suggested to avoid skipping any topic in the junior grades and be thorough with all the topics taught in the class.

  • Relate the Concepts Practically

Most of the chemistry topics are practical and the topics taught in the class can be easily related to the everyday objects. For example, after knowing about the greenhouse effect, one can easily understand global warming in a better way and can actually relate the causes with real-life examples (greenhouse gases like CFC from the refrigerators, Carbon Dioxide, etc.).

  • Use Mnemonics

Chemistry includes several topics that need to be memorized like elements of periodic table, charges in anions and cations, different principles, etc. Memorizing these can be a lot easier if chemistry mnemonics is used. So, it is suggested to check chemistry mnemonics and be able to retain the concepts for longer.

  • Periodic Revision

As chemistry is vast, it is important to revise the topics periodically to remember the concepts better. Some important chemistry topics are introduced to the junior students of different boards like ICSE or CBSE class 6 students. Some topics like constituents of air, solutions & solubility, etc. are introduced which holds extreme importance in the later grades. So, it is suggested to keep being acquainted with the important basic topics to be able to comprehend higher level topics easily.

  • Attempt different question variations

Chemistry is vast and innumerous questions can be framed from a single topic. It is important for the students to have acquaintance with the different questions variations. It is suggested to solve the textbook questions properly and attempt questions from some good reference books also.

These were a few tips that can help the students to learn chemistry in a more effective way. Apart from these tips, students are also suggested to have a good mathematical foundation as some higher level chemistry topics like physical chemistry is extremely calculation dependent.

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