Improved Sleep Pattern May Help Kids With ADHD: Beware of Foods That May Kill Sleep

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is categorized as a developmental and behavioral disorder that affects the learning and behavioral ability in children. Kids with ADHD also depict signs of impaired attention. A latest study compiled by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) establishes a link between sleep and ADHD symptoms. “Simple adjustments to the bedtime routines of children with ADHD” could make a significant difference, said lead researcher Melisssa Mulraney. Sleep deprivation or irregular bedtime routine has previously been linked to triggering health issues in kids triggering irritability, attention problems, learning difficulties among others.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine notes positive bedtime routines to facilitate proper sleep which helps keep children fresh, focused and energetic throughout the day. In another study, experts from the Saint Joseph’s University in America aimed at understanding the role of bedtime routines and sleep pattern in children. Institution of a regular bedtime routine was seen to be associated with decreased sleep problems and daytime behaviour problems in kids.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

While regular bedtime routine may help your child sleep better, tweaking your kid’s diet with food items that promote sleep may also help. Some of the most common ingredients may help your kid doze off in peace; however, you must be wary of foods that you include in your child’s diet. A host of items can mess with your little ones’ sleep; we list down some of those below:

Spicy foods


Spices are hot in nature and tend to raise the body’s temperature. In kids, consumption of spicy foods right before bedtime may make them feel restless.

green chillies 625

Steer clear of spice

Processed food items

The ratio of processed or packaged food items in your child’s diet should naturally be as low as possible. Make sure your child’s last meal of the day is not laden with extra oil, spice or fat as it may hamper the digestion, cause bloating and make it difficult to fall asleep.

junk foodSay no to junk


Ever heard of the term ‘sugar rush’? That’s exactly what is going to happen if you let your kid binge on heavy desserts post dinner and before turning in. Always monitor the portion size of your kid’s meals.

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